AWICS: Advancing Women in Computer Science: This effort has a management committee that includes two key TRIPODS players: Fred Roberts and Matthew Stone.

AI & Pandemics: This effort has an organizing committee that includes three key TRIPODS players, Kostas Bekris and David Pennock and Fred Roberts. Other TRIPODS faculty are also involved: Konstantin Mischaikow and Ying Hung and Matthew Stone

Data Science (DS) is an interdisciplinary program of study, housed in the Rutgers-New Brunswick (RU-NB) School of Arts and Sciences (SAS): It is offered jointly by the Departments of Computer Science (CS) and Department of Statistics (Stat) in partnership with the RU-NB School of Communication and Information (SC&I) and other SAS departments. It is designed to equip students to understand the basic principles of computation, statistical inference, and data management, and their applications in a specific domain/field. It is open to ALL students in any RU-NB program.