On Going:

A set of activities are designed to catalyze an Institute, making it more than the sum of its parts, and build capacity toward a full Phase II TRIPODS Institute. This effort will build on the experience and the facilities of DIMACS, one of the original NSF Science and Technology Centers, with extensive experience in multi-disciplinary research projects, workshops, and innovative education. Briefly, these activities are:

• 3 research groups (with members from CS, Math, Stat) focus on research topics and meet regularly. The groups meet together several times a semester for cross-fertilization.

• Our seminar series brings all project participants together, and features both internal and external speakers, including speakers from existing TRIPODS Institutes.

• Education and training of PhD students and a postdocs take place through co-advising by faculty across the participating disciplines. They engage in all the research groups and are housed together at DIMACS in order to facilitate collaboration and Institute-building.

• Undergraduates will be mentored as part of the DIMACS REU site.

Technical workshops with tutorial components connect faculty and students outside the locals, industry/government partners, and other TRIPODS Institutes, and advance a research agenda in the focus topics.

• Boot camps for advanced undergraduates and graduate students will expose them to the main themes of the Institute (Boot Camp Summer 2020, Boot Camp Winter 2021).

• Special topics graduate courses co-taught among Math, CS, and Stat aim to bring the disciplines together and aid in curriculum development.

Slides About DATA-INSPIRE:

The TRIPODs PI meeting originally planned for March 12th and 13th has been canceled. However, we have made the presentation materials available below:
DATA-Inspire Poster
Multi-Object Rearrangement Poster
Colors in Context Inference challenges in Bayesian cognitive science Presentation