TRIPODS Rutgers REU Data Science Boot Camp 2023

Matthew Stone

Summer 2023 – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, June 20 – 22, 2023 10am-12pm

DIMACS seminar room, CoRE Building, 4th floor, Room 431

The DATA-INSPIRE TRIPODS Institute, in collaboration with the DIMACS REU program, organizes a Data Science boot camp for training of students in data science concepts.

Interactive analyses and visualizations of data are fun, accessible tools for thinking and communicating about science. In this series of workshops, you will get a hands-on introduction to python notebooks for data science, along with some methods and design practices for exploring, understanding, and explaining data sets and models.

We’ll be working with Google’s COLAB cloud-based platform for python notebooks: which runs in a browser. So you should bring a laptop but you don’t have to set anything up. We won’t be teaching python programming, but don’t worry if your programming skills aren’t strong. The first thing we’ll cover is “fake it till you make it” (how to use web search and small modifications to find and adapt good examples) and the second is how to collaborate across levels of expertise.

Key topics for the week involve creating visual interactions, using graphical representations such as histograms, scatter plots, and performance curves. The goal will be to use the programmatic features of python and notebooks to create representations that let us go deeper into models and data. How do you show the right features of the right data? How do you make inferences visually clear? How do you get the most mileage from screen real estate? How can you make it easy to track and follow up the information that you find in a visualization?