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Miao, Y; Wang, R; Bekris, K E

Safe, Occlusion-Aware Manipulation for Online Object Reconstruction in Confined Space Inproceedings

International Symposium on Robotics Research (ISRR) , 2022.

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McMahon, T; Sivaramakrishnan, A; Granados, E; Bekris, K E

A Survey on the Integration of Machine Learning with Sampling-based Motion Planning Journal Article Forthcoming

Foundations and Trends in Robotics, Forthcoming.

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McMahon, T; Sivaramakrishnan, A; Kedia, K; Granados, E; Bekris, K E

Terrain-Aware Learned Controllers for Sampling-Based Kinodynamic Planning over Physically Simulated Terrains Inproceedings

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2022.

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Shome, R; Solovey, K; Dobson, A; Halperin, D; Bekris, K E

dRRT*: Scalable and Informed Asymptotically-Optimal Multi-Robot Motion Planning Journal Article

Autonomous Robots, 2020.

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