The printer’s IP address is Its name is 1spring-333-printer-01.

Parking access

Requests for, or changes to, parking for School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) personnel (not visitors) must be submitted via the online form at:

To request parking for new SAS personnel, the supervisor should complete the online form on behalf of the new person. Subsequent requests for a vehicle addition/deletion and card replacement/deactivation can be made by the individual rather than the supervisor.

Infrastructure Issues

Infrastructure issues must be reported via the online form at:

Link for booking rooms

Upon submitting a reservation request, you will get a message indicating your submission has been received. This will be followed (usually within 24 hours) by an email notification either approving your reservation or requesting clarification. The Spring Street facilities available by reservation include media-equipped classrooms, the College Avenue Language Lab, conference rooms, control/data collection rooms, a cafeteria, offices and sound rooms (for A/V recording).

Instructions for conference room screen connection:

1. Connect the laptop to RU Wireless Secure and go to address (this address is only for room 204 since different rooms have different addresses, you can find it on the screen)
2. Download the Solstice app when prompted and open the app:

When prompted, enter the key displayed on the TV screen to connect.
3. Select “Desktop” mode so as to project the laptop to TV screen.

This wireless connection is overall good except:
1. There is a slight delay between the laptop and TV screen when connected.
2. The Solstice doesn’t support Linux so far. It provides the app version of Windows and IOS, OSX and Android.

Teleconference Access at room 403:

If you use the 4th floor rooms, e.g., 403, and you want to provide access to a remote participant, you should forward the following webpage:

Parking Instructions for Visitors

Following is a sample email you may use, if you so choose, when sending the online parking request form link and the Spring Street map to a visitor. If you create your own email, please be sure to include all of the same important information contained in the sample email.


Prior to your visit to (insert the name of your unit and purpose of visit here) at 1 Spring Street, please complete and submit the online form whose URL is below to request visitor parking in the Spring Street deck:

Attached is a 1 Spring Street map (PDF) showing the locations of the Church Street and Paterson Street entrances/exits to the Spring Street parking deck.

Please submit your visitor parking request form no later than 4:00 pm on the business day (Monday through Friday) prior to the day of your visit in order for your request to be processed in a timely manner. Forms received after 5:00 pm on any business day, or on the weekend, will be processed the next business day after 9:00 am.

Once your request for parking in the Spring Street deck is processed, a parking system-generated E-Ticket valid for the period of time stated on the E-Ticket and containing a scannable code giving you access to this deck will be emailed to you.

IMPORTANT: The sender of the E-Ticket email will be with a subject line of sweb.Contract B2B | subscription | confirmed. Your email system might tag the email as Spam/Junk, so please check your Spam/Junk folder if you don’t see the email in your Inbox.

To enter/exit the Spring Street parking deck, scan the E-Ticket from your smartphone, or print (the email also has an E-Ticket PDF attached) and then scan it, using the scanner in the center of the control column located before each entry/exit gate in the deck (the scanner opening has a narrow, clear plastic “awning” over it). If inserting a smartphone into the scanner, the phone screen must be bright enough for the scanner to read it.

You may contact the staff of The Language Center at 1 Spring Street during business hours (8:30 am-4:30 pm; 848-932-7373) should you have questions about parking in the Spring Street deck.


Map to 1 Spring Street