The main conference dates would be June 15 to 17, 2020. This is an ideal time because of temperature, daylight, and nature (note: Finland is basically closed in July). The average low and high temperatures are 9C to 18C (48F to 64F); this is considered warm by Finns! The days are 22 hours long (plus two hours of civil twilight, no night).

Venue: Sokos Hotel Eden

The venue for the conference itself and for accommodations is the Sokos Hotel Eden. It is a conference center, hotel, and spa located on Nallikari beach (Baltic Sea), 3km from the main market square (city center) of Oulu. In addition to the hotel, many comfortable cottages are available within a few hundred meters. There is sufficient housing reserved for participants in either the Sokos Hotel Eden or the nearby cottages. The entire conference location is a heavily forested island that is covered with cycling trails and connects to the city center. If participants prefer, they could stay in one of many hotels in the city center, which are accessible by an easy bicycle ride through nature trails, taxi, bus, or even walking.

Sokos Hotel Eden
Conference room

Oulu, FInland

Oulu lies on the Baltic sea and, with over 200,000 people, is the fifth most populous city in Finland. It also lies at 65 degrees north latitude (slightly further north than Fairbanks, Alaska). The city center is packed with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, markets, and stores, all within easy walking distance. The city is located at the delta of the Oulu River, which results in many scenic islands, waterways, and bridges throughout the city. Oulu densely covered with quiet, separated pedestrian/bicycle roads that are intertwined with dense forests (mainly pine, spruce, and birch) and waterways. Beautiful nature is all around.

Oulu Theater
Aerial River delta view
Rotuaari (city center)


Considering spherical geodesics, Finland is not as far from North America as some would think. Nonstops connect Helsinki to Chicago, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Hong Kong, all major European cities, and many more cities in Asia. Flights between Helsinki and Oulu are offered roughly hourly and take about one hour, and there are Stockholm connections as well. Scenic travel by train is also possible, and takes 5 to 7 hours (overnight sleeping trains are a comfortable option as well).