• Making predictions with big data: fitting, overfitting and physics-aided learning, November 20th, 2020, More Info

    • Peter L. Bartlett (University of California at Berkeley), Title: Benign Overfitting
    • C. F. Jeff Wu (Georgia Institute of Technology), Title: Navier-Stokes, spatial-temporal kriging and combustion stability: a prominent example of physics-based analytics
  • TRIPODS/DATA-INSPIRE Workshop on Monte Carlo, Dynamic Systems and Robotics, April 23rd, 2021, More Info
  • Rutgers Robotics Workshop 2021, September 24, 2021, More Info
  • TRIPODS/DATA-INSPIRE Graduate Student Workshop, March 11, 2022 More Info
  • TRIPODS/DATA-INSPIRE Workshop on Democratizing AI, April 1, 2022 More Info